Friday, January 16, 2009

Money Analystics Update

I'd like to post updates on how I am going with my financial goals for this year. I really have to save up because I might losmy job. I am happy to say that I am successful with my debt consolidation and I was able to clear all of it last year. The key is really to plan it out, and stick to your plan. Debt consolidation is one of the things that helped me. I planned it out, I was paying my debt evey 2nd week of the month and I am paying little J's tuition fee every last week of the month. I was paying my overhead as soon as I get my salary. Without me even, noticing I'm done with all my payables. Last month was the last monthly payment for little J's school, so that means from February to May I can save up Php5,000, and I plan to deposit that every weekend to her bank account. I am also expecting quite a big amount this month because we are going to recieve our separation pay from SWJT. I plan to invest that to a new buisness, just a small one. Just something to get money from in case I really lose my job. I will be purchasing childrens books and pass it on to cosigners who can help me out do the buisness.

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