Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little J's new playground

I already mentioned about the New Ford that we got last Christmas. Well after just a month the new card turned into little J's playground. She liked that the new car has 3 TVs inside 1 in front and 2 at the back of the headrest, which means little J can watch all her DVD's too. On our trip to Manaog last month, we watch 3 fairytopia movies during the very long road trip. TV's in car are quite a hit for the little ones, she is so preoccupied with watching it that she is not bothering us with her naughty tactics. When we went to Policarpio with the rest of her cousins, there are 13 or us in the car, 6 adults and 7 kids all below the age of 6. You can just imagine the chaos in the car. So in just a month after we got the car, the interior is already full of little hand prints all over, a spilled milk and a "may I go out" accident. Quite a lot for a new car huh?

Inside,six to seven can sit in relative comfort, as I mentioned there are 13 of us in total but still all are assured a towering view of what’s ahead. All seats now and the center console lining are wrapped in comfy moquette fabric, which touch and feel greatly relaxes everybody inside even after long drives, the only down quality is the color, our seat as well as the mats are in beige color which easily gets dirty. Both second and third rows fold and tumble down for added space, and the Everest’s forward-tumbling third row is easier to operate than the Toyota Fortuner. Speaking of the Everest’s third row, lateral room has improved, but is still lacking in kneeroom.

The cold airconditioning (a/c) has triple zone ventilation for all three rows, but the middle front a/c vents should be bigger, specially when the car is packed with high energy kids. The aluminum-lined, Ford Ranger-derived audio entertainment and a/c controls are a big plus, but apparently they were given bigger priority. The audio entertainment is nice, but its backlighting should be brighter and it needs help at the treble end, stereo sound sourround is not really there, so better sound system is a must to fully enjoy the DVD, entertainment system. I just love it because I can watch my favorite TV show even on the road.

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