Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A different kind of Learning

Brightstorm is a different kind of Learning, here high school students will found out that Learning is fun. They offer the most feared subjects, Geometry, Algebra, History and a lot more. I like the way they teach, I could say that it is not the conventional way of teaching, with students stuck to their seat and the teacher writing countless formulas on the board. They teach in a different approach here, something that will not be boring and therefore keep the students awake.

Just take a look at the title of their "Lessons", one title that really caught my eye is this "Algebra II (probably) won't kill you" by Joshuah Thurbel. My instinct was to laugh and instantly I felt comfortable taking the subject. My mind set automatically changed about Algebra. Most students, if not all are afraid of numbers, more so Algebra. In Algebra you will not only encounter numbers but also x and y and many more variable. This puts fear in children's minds, thinking Math, specifically Algebra will be a very hard subject, but on the contrary it is quite simple. We are just reluctant to learn because of the attitude, that back in younger years of 5 and 6 we already heard from a lot of "highschoolers" that this is a very difficult subject, but if we changed that attitude and be comfortable with it we can actually find Algebra to be fun. This is what Brightstorm is offering, a fun way of learning that will change the old myth about "difficult" or "boring" subjects. So
Sign up for a free brightstorm acocunt, and start your way to having fun and learning too.

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