Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Dream House

As an architect I have a very high standard for my Dream House. I'd like it to have the comforts of all the ammenities that I will need and yet the homey feel. I also like the ranch feel, it like I am back in the olden days, where life is so simple and quiet.Something like in Wilmington, NC Luxury Real Estate I'd like to have spacious living room and and wooden floors. I would also like to have a porch to put a swing on. Large windows and doors. I would like to have a very high ceiling too, for good ventilation and day lighting. How I wish I can have one like this. I'm sure I'll be so happy to decorate it, paintss, wallpapers and curtains.

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Jes said...

love your post ehhehe =)

Sherry said...

good post,by the way found this contest

check it out.. to win I not take part so just leave comment to you