Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kids Say the Darnest Things #10

This Kids Say the Darnest Things is both funny and tear jerking. Last night little J caught me looking on a blank wall deep in thought so she asked:

little J: Mommy, why?

Big J: Oh, I'm just thinking baby, what if I lose my job?
I didn't think that little J would actually understand what loosing my job really means. She is just 3, and I thought her answer would be just.. "oh, ok mommy" but I was wrong..She immedietly cried, and I mean really cry.. sobbing furiously.

little J: but mommy? that can't be?(crying very with a very worried look)
How can we buy milk? how can I go to school? I want to go to school, I love school. What's going to happen to you? You will not have money? You will be sad.

Big J: (Still shocked with her reaction) Oh baby, stop crying its ok, we are going to be ok. I still have a job and if ever I lose this one it is easy for me to find another one. If I can't find one, I can sell books or do the internet thing right? I can make houses or be a contractor again. Don't worry baby, we still have a lot of options. It just that, I am so comfortable on how it is with us now. If I change job or do something else, our routine will be a little different.

littl J: (calming down) but what if you really can't find another job?

Big J: I will find one, if not I can do buisness. Don't worry baby, we still have a lot of saving right? We still have money, and mommy always has something that she can do to make money. I'm an architect, I can make houses again. We can go back to Laguna and build houses there, Mommy already did around 20 houses there, and if all things fails Mama and Papa will support us right?

little J: What if Mama and Papa doesn't have work too? (I Have to make a long explanation why mama and papa will not lose their job)

Big J: Baby, don't worry ok? Mommy will do the worrying. You will still get to go to school, I promise that you will have a very nice Birthday Party in school, that's how you wanted it right? A party in school? (trying to turn away from the losing job part, distracting her with the birthday party)

This is the funny part:
little J: Yes mommy, happy nako! kase marami ka ng gagawin.. takot kse ako pag wala kang ginagawa.
If I translat it directly to English it will sound really funny.

wrong translation: Yes mommy, Im happy already, because you still have a lot to do, I am scared when you are not doing anything. (It didn't came out right) It's as if she is telling me I am irresponsible.. haha.. what she is really trying to say is....

Right tagalog="Yes mommy" Happy nko! Kase, alam kong marami ka pang pwedeng gawin, makakagawa ka pa ng paraan. Takot lang kase ako kung wala ka ng magagawa.

Right English translation: "Yes mommy, I'm happy already, because I know, there is still a lot of things that you can do. I will be scared if you really can't do anything about it.

I cried all night when she got to sleep, I cried not because I might lose my job. I cried because she really cares, she really understand. She is scared not just for her own sake but also for me. It feels harder if you are just left hanging, it would have been easier if my boss will just announce it. But I think, he himself is not sure of what's going to happen. He doesn't want to lay off his employees, but the economic stability and recession is really hitting our industry big time.

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Jes said...

ahhhh that is so sweet knoe jea is matalino tlga...she knows what will happen na noh? grabe..kahit ako maiiyak if sakin yan. Kasi si daddy nila pag ayaw payagan ng mga ank ko pumasok sa work before, sinasabi din nmin na wala kme pmbili milk kapag d nag work si dad...ngyun kapag sinabi n di papasok si dad, mag re react panganay ko, sasabihin nun pumasok ka dadi kasi wala kme pambili milk ahahhah! grabe iba n tlga mga kids...pero ung baby mo naawa nmna ko bgla kasi umiyak p tlga sya =(

Chris said...

little J is really growing up :)

by the way, i have a tag for you at