Friday, January 2, 2009

My Sweetytots got a pagerank!!!!!

This is really good news! Such a blessing from google to start the year. I've been neglecting my sweetytots blog for sometime now, because keeping several blogs for updating and trying to gain traffic is really tiring for me. I admit I was just too lazy to post on both blogs, but with a pagerank I am all fired up to post as much as I can on both blogs.

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Jes said...

wow!!! congrats!!! kung anu ung d mo pinapansin un ung me google hehehe =) d nmn ata kasi sa comment yan d b? mostly sa visit! (opinion ko lng heheh) happy new year!!!!

Enchie said...

Wow congratulations!
Sis medyo hindi ko na-gets kung sino nakakuha ng PR3 based on your comment he!he!he! paano nalalaman?

Sherry said...

yay good for you!

Chris said...

Wow!!! congratulations :)

Sherry said...

I think the comment contest really give you the help