Monday, January 19, 2009

Pop arts Galore!!!

Sorry for the delay Chris, our internet connection at home is having problem. Finally, I was able to upload it now. I also have done 2 pop arts for Jes too. Hope you 2 like it. Please let me know if you want revisions but I believe this will go well on your sidebars.

I will include the html codes to make it more easier for you to put it on your sidebar. Enjoy your pop arts gals!

Do you like this? Do you want one for your sidebar too? I would
love to do it for you for


just leave a message here.

but if you really, really love it.. and your feeling a little generous you can drop your donations too!

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Chris said...

wow!!! how do you do this? :)

thanks so much ha! ill put it on my facebook and on my blog too!

sweetytots said...

your welcome Chris, please do grab the html codes..its the easiest way to do it..