Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hot tub Chemicals

Thanks to Mama, we are again booked to stay in a hotel this week end . We will be staying for 3days 2 nights In Dusit Hotel, actually we still have 1 more GC which will will not be able to use. My mom might just give it to my Aunt to be used for Valentines. We are very priviledged to always be given gift certificates for Hotel bookings. Every since we are little my mom always gets this perks as part of her job. In fact about 6 or 8 years ago, when the Philippines always experience brownouts we are lucky to have this gift certicates, we are just ranferrinf from one hotel to another to experince the convenience of air conditioned room. We also get spa gift cretificates most of the time, that is why I am used to luxury living even if we are not rich, we always get to be pampered in Hotel Spas and not pay a single cent for it. The food are great too. I remembered our dinner last year for moms birthday, we ate at Dusit's dinner buffet, lots of sea food and yummy dessert. Of course little J loved playing in the tub, which is a regular part of each suite that we check in, I wonder if they put hot tub chemicals in it?

I found this site about hot tub chemicals the site layout is clean and uncluttered. They offer a lot of products from Sanitisers to Jet pumps. The site alos have a 24 hour quick question inquiry form that will reply to your questin within 24 hours via email. What I found most interesting is their Hot tub Spa Multimedia section. A lot of products that I wasn't even aware of, cool stub that will make your bathing at home to feel like in a commercial spa establishment. The Soundz Floating Wireless speaker ans Wireless waterproof 17" LCD, with this gadget I can spend hours and hours in the tub. I believe my daughter will love the floating Duck Radio. This site is well formed, with a no brainer navigation and what's best is that the products they offer are beautiful and reasonably priced.


Enchie said...

Enjoy your stay!!! I used to train in Dusit :)

Anonymous said...

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