Monday, January 19, 2009

Online Shopping

Since I learned blogging, I also learned online shopping. For the past months I have found lots of interesting site to purchase wonderful things for toddlers and babies. One of which is ShopWiki. It is an online store where you can find all sorts of things for kids and even yourself. There are a lots of toys to choose from, some baby essentials like cribs, strollers, or even colognes. I like that they have a lot of brands listed. There is a lot to choose from.

Since I already imposed a "no new toy policy" for little J. I will not be buying toys for her, I like their selection of childrens books. I am eyeing the "goodnight moon" book, what's nice about it is that their book selection is divided by age so it is easier to select one that is best suited for your toddler.

I know, I am a book addict, but one thing for sure, I will never impose a no new book policy. In fact after Hula Dance class today at Kids Ahoy we will go to WS Publications to buy some more books. I love to nourish little J's interest in books rather than in toys. So got to go blogger friends, we are going to learn to do the Hula in Kids Ahoy, I will also get my online purchased Dora Doll from Mommy Iris too.

What I love about Shop Wiki and online shopiing is that it is very convenient. You can choose from the list of their products online and pay it through paypal. I really appreciate the power of internet now, with all this perks. No hassle in going to the malls and bringing all the kids stuff, I also get to choose what I like without her. hassling with me which or how many toys she wants. I like buying creative toys for little J, it doesn't only make her happy and kept busy, she is also learning while playing.

With 3 year old toddlers, the key is to tap their imagination, it is the time that they like to explore, to pretend. That is why I am very supportive with pretend toys and this is mostly what I buy for her. She loves to pretend to be a chef that's why I bought her the pink Kitchen set. She also loves to take photos, that's why gave her a digital camera. She also loves to dance, that's why I enrolled her in a Hula Dance class. I believe in nourishing the gift, letting them explore the things they love to do, because I believe that kids learn more when they are having fun. I love this architect kit in SHop Wiki, I hope she will also love to pretend as an Architect, jus tlike mommy.

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