Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kids Say the Darnest Things #8

Last friday I had to leave little J with Nang-nang Pau (SIL), little J's Ninang, hence Nang-nang, because my "very reliable" cousin suddenly decided not to take care of little J. She used to come by our place every Tuesdays and Fridays when little J doesn't have school to look over her.

So we dropped little J to Nong-nangs place and I rode with Nong-nong going to office, I know there will be another "Kids Say the Darnest Thing Momment". Nang alwasy has some funny anctic to tell me when the 2 of them get together. So I am sharing this one for all of you.

Nang-nang=:(walks in the bathroom) "Take a bath lang ako ha!"
Little J: "No, nang-nang stay here! Wala ako kasama!"
Nang-nang: "Pero dito lng ako, you can hear me paren"
Little J: "Eh, I can't see you naman."
Nang-nang: "it's ok, nobody's gonna come and get you"
Little J: "No, dito ka lang"
Nang-nang: "Eh pano ako maliligo?"
Little J: "Ewan ko syo! Malaki ka na no!!"

So Nang-nang has to go and fetch her neighbors maid to accompany little J while she takes a bath. Sorry, nang-nang for the inconvenience, and thank you so much for always taking her in.
For those who can't understand tagalog, I'm sorry but this has to written as it is.

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Jes said...

ahahhaah! oo nga nmn malaki n sya ahahh! =) kakatuwa mga bata noh! hehehe =)