Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I won another contest!!! is really being so nice to me, I won another contest!!! Remember the photo contest I joined? I won! I didn't even know that they already sent me the winning notification in my eamil, and its been there for two weeks, I almost, almost didn't get the prize. It so nice of Aisha to leave me a comment so that I would know.. Thank you so much! She said if I didn't reply today they are going to draw another one to recieve the prize.. Thank you so much, and Im really sorry for not checking the email or the awarding post. I lost track of the contest that I joined.

But, here it is now, found the post and I am really so glad to see my name there.
I am recieving $10 for it.

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Enchie said...

Wow! you're truly blessed! another good news for the new year!

christina said...

congratulations!! Happy new year to you and to you loved ones. More power.

Sherry said...

congrats you won! :)

Jes said...

wow!!!! thats cool!!! and youre truly blessed =) congrats!