Monday, January 5, 2009

Why do I blog?

So Not Domestic
A contest over So not Dometic is asking why I started blogging.

Looking back, I started blogging for the simple reason that I wanted to document all the milestones and developments of my then 1 and half year old daughter. As written on my header for my other blog Sweet..Pretty..Naughty..

This is all about the sweet.. pretty.. and most of the time naughty 2 yr old girl jea. Lots of anecdotes about her everyday adventure. All her first.. some are funny.. some are terrifying...but most are cute stuff and treasured memories...

This is first and foremeost my reason for blogging, heck I didn't even know that I can earn from it, only learned it a few months back.

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SearchingWellness said...

Hey sis, you gotta share with us how to earn from your blog as I have not the faintest idea. :)