Monday, January 5, 2009

Make Money Online

A blogger friend from SearchigWellness left a comment on my post asking how to

Make Money Online

. As I mentioned early on on the same post that I am also quite new to paid blogging I gave her a link of a my post "how to earn on paid blogging" that I wrote a month ago about Making Money Online . So far although I am a newbie, I managed to earn $300 on my first month, but unfortunately, maybe with USA's recession opps from PPP are not as many as before, I do get some opp every now and then, but not as aften as before. I used to do 3 sometimes even 4 opps per day for PPP, now most opps are for US bloggers, very feww are available for international bloggers.

I am still very thankful for Paid Blogging, because of this I finally gained financial freedom . I was able to buy this beautiful and expensive gift for my daughter for Christmas. Without paid blogging, I don't think that will be able to have extra money. Paid blogging is such an easy way to Make Money Online. Doin this doesn't take too much of your time and is very easy to do. So to SearchingWellness, I wish luck to you, hope you will also learn this wonderful skill and opportunity of Making Money Online. My other friend Enchie should do this too, since she just got PR3 and we all know that having PR3 is a very powerful if you do paid blogging.


Chris said...

sana ako din someday :)

Chris said...

Btw, did you come to LBA last Dec 29? Sayang, wala kami dito. We were at Subic that time eh.

When do you plan to come to LBA again? :) Hopefully, next time we can meet :)

Where do you live in Manila ba?

sweetytots said...

hi chris,

yes we went to LBA, stayed for the night left the next morning our house is as blk 24 lot 47 ph2 Bel-air Drive.. haha.. exact address.. right after the curve.. ung daphne and design.. sana nga we can mit..

in manila, we live near ust.

SearchingWellness said...

Hi sis, many thanks for the post!!!!! Naku tamad lang talaga ako mag hanap ng opps... I just like blogging for the heck of it and of course catching up on news from my online friends, and meeting new friends. :) So I wish me luck. I am much obliged for the post.

Chris said...

we often visit manila since my parents live in sta cruz manila :) sana we can meet up... if not here, then there! :)

did you ever get my text message? do you have my number already?

Bev said...

Hi sweetytots! I actually found your post in Smart Parenting where I'm also a member. I'm hoping you could help me increase the traffic in my blog. I sooo love writing, heck why not make money from it. It will be very useful since I can use it for our new baby's expenses. by the way, here's my blogsite -

Many thanks sweetytots