Friday, January 16, 2009

Additional New Years Resolution

In my new years resolution, I mentioned about almost all aspects of my life. Relationships towards, God, little J and friends. Lossing weight is also one, but I failed to mention about the way I take care of myself. I am not the "kikay" type, maybe just a few years back in high school, but generally I'm not the sassy one. I know how to put on make up and make myself beautiful, since I was a ramp model, but I just don't have the energy nor the enthusiam to do that now. So I think I should start to make myself beautiful again, get into s little beauty regimen. Nothing to lose just some Natural Skin Care, nothing much. Then maybe I can put a little make up to just to make my self feel good, Natural Skin Care Products can be a start, it will not be harsh on my skin since I'm not used to waering makeup. There are a lot of Organic Skin Care in the market, maybe after the Hula Class today I can get some for myself. Little will really be happy to be in a make up store again.
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Elinor Phillips said...

I really love to try this products. If ever my fiance would give me this product I'm sure to be glad.