Thursday, January 1, 2009

Think Thin Thursday Week 1

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As part of my New Years Resolution, I am joining Think Thin Thursday and try to lose weight. I am hoping, by joining this group I will be more strict to myself and be more focused on my goal.

My first step to my weight loss goal is to buy a weighing scale. HAHA.. I'm so scared to see how I weigh, that I haven't weighed myself for more than 2 years.

WEEK 1 Goal
I am thinking to start easy, but I have to plunge into this goal to really see results so for this week my goal is to not eat rice!
Ok, done with the whole holiday thing, I should really stop myself from this eating marathon so I am going cold turkey, no rice for me at all. This is my first day, and I am proud to say that I am succesful, didn't any rice today. Just fish, and 1 pc of chicken nuggets, some fruits and some squid too. But, I must admit that I indulge with a serving of churros con chocolate with my mom over coffee, but I can have that as next weeks goal.For now, no rice !

Btw, my starting weight is 1*5lbs.. hhaha.. 2nd digit is not shown. I'll post it, someday when I have enough courage to let everybody know. My target weight is 135lbs. That is normal for my height, but I would love to be back to 120lbs or even 100lbs, which is how much I weight 7 years ago. I was really underweight.


Bridgette said...

Good job! Thanks for joining! Good Luck this week!

Jes said...

wow!!! samw resolution tau ahahhah!!1 kelangan n mag lose ng wieght!!! laki n tyan ko lagi ako napagkakamalang buntis ahahah!!!

SearchingWellness said...

Happy new year! That's a pretty challenging resolution, but I am sure you can do it!