Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wowzio Widget

Wowzio Widgets for this blog

I can really say WOW! to Wowzio widgets, I love it! I already included 3 widegets on both Sweet..Pretty..Naughty and Sweetytots blogs. They have 6 options Panoramic Slideshow, Line Activity, Photo Gallery, Tag Cloud, Feed Content and Slidewhow Slideshow.

They are very easy to install just choose whichever widget you want to use then, you have an option to put in your contact details, in my case I opt to skip it and whooolaa.. your html code is ready for you to copy and paste to your blogs. If you are in blogger they make it even easier for you, just click the blogger icon and choose your blog and there, it done. Your widget is autimatically placed in your sidebar. All of their widgets may be helpfull for you to attract more visitors or make them stay longer in your site, what's best is that all of your blogs can be "feed" in 1 widget, so if you have 5 blogs your can also see them in 1 widget. This can make your readers hop from one of your blog to the other one in just a click. If you want to know more, on how Wowzio widget can help bloggers click here.

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