Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Pop arts! Up for Grab!!!!

For YAnix and Mira, your pop-arts are now up for Grabs. Please notify me my leaving a message on any of my blogs if your done with copying the html codes. I will remove it as soon as your done. Please do grab them now and install it on your sidebars. Just copy the codes inside the scroll bar and insert them as new gadget/wideget on your sidebar. I hope you like it!

This set is for Mira and Yanix. I still have to do 3 for Niko, 3 for Eds, 3 for Mitch, 1 for Chris and a little revision for Jes. I love doing pop-art and I love that more and more bloggers are loving it too. I am still offering my services for FREE, so leave a message now, because this work of art will not always be free. I am planning to charge a little for it next month, but I assure you it will be priced very, very low. For now its still FREE. Leave me a message and I'll do one for you, I might even do 3, one for each of your blog.




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Mira said...

This is really pretty, I grabbed mine already and installed it in my Scrap blog. Thanks so much!

Btw, I will link 2 of your prizes to and 1 to Tks.

yanix said...

I don't just like it but i DO LOVE It! my friends said, you were very creative! They also love it.

of course i will post something about this and insert your link so other people will see and appreciate your creativity.


Sherry said...

they are very good ! :) you have the talent!