Thursday, January 8, 2009

Im out of Work!!! Almost...

A few days ago my boss came in and talked to us, we just closed down the company last December to rename it, the company will now be called as AEDIFICATOR, means architect in Latin. So there is no surprise about that, its management call, e really don't know why they have to change it, maybe there are new investors, maybe to manipulate taxes.We all knew this since September or October. We saw the new license for the new company and even signed for is as one of the "incorporators". The new Business and Mayors permit are now hanged in our new office. As a simple almost non-existent employee, I couldnt care less, all that matters is I'm getting paid, and I am. I even believe that I am paid more than what I should get. So no problem right, nothing to worry about, not until a few days ago.

Last Tuesday my boss came in, explaining that since we closed down the previous company we are all getting "separation fee". So we should all be happy, because we all still have jobs because we are not actually closing down but just being transfered to new company or so we thought. I should really be happy about it, I will get 1 months salary worth of separation pay and full 7 months worth of taxes.. that will come up to about 70k. So I should really be happy its like bonus in January, but here is where our smiles melted. He continued talking about recession, how it hit a lot of industry even ours, Architectural firm in Hong Kong, Singapore and even the almight Dubai are closing down, 4 of my friends came home from abroad. 10 of one of my officemates classmates came home from Dubai, their firm closed down. So we got scared, does this mean that the new company AEDIFICATOR will not push through or will just close down, when we haven't really started. We are a small company, with less than 30 employees, to be honest closing down the company is really a good move foe our boss. We are not getting any projects since 3 months ago, and all we are doing is practicing the commands and blogging. Although he said that he doesn't like letting go of employees, but he also said that its is not just his decision to make, he is meeting up with his partners and they will discuss the future of the new company. I am really scared to lose this job, I got too comfortable with it, without pressure unlike in other firms that you have tons of OT. My boss is sooooooooo nice, he is like an angel and lastly because I don't think I can get another job that will pay me as much. My item is quite high compared from my contemporaries, almost twice as much or even more, no company will pay me the same amount. My daughters school is near my office and I particularly chose that school because of that reason, I can't imagine transferring little J to other school. If I lose this job, even if I get another job that pays as much it wouldn't be the same. You see, since my boss is soooooo nice, he lets me leave the office 1 hour earlier 3x a week to fetch little J from school. If I transfer to another company I don't think I can get the same priviledge. So I am now thinking of a business, something I do at home and still make money. Do you have any suggestions?

Edit: I am not yet out of work, infact I am not even sure if the company is really closing down, and even if so, my boss already told me that there is a possiblity that i will be absorbed with his other company which is still in the same line as my profession. I am just panicking...

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Bendz said...


I'm really very sorry to hear about your current situation.

If I've got any idea, I'll comment it to you.

Wish you this new year gives you health and wealth.


Jes said...

opppsss..... that's scary! dati nakatakot ang pataas na pataas na bilihin yun pala mas nakaatakot pag bumababa! hays!!! sana maging maayos nmn ang lahat for us...I'll pray for both of us!
And for the Work at home plan...since you are an architect why dont you try real estate, (my boss said they had a good sales this month, but i dnt have.) she has a website, maybe thats the reason -
or post/ad yourself in sulit that you were accepting architectural thing-y i dunno how you call it. that was just a suggestion dear. =)

sweetytots said...

thanks Jes,

but quite honestly i don't want a buisness thats about architecture.. i did that.. i tried on my own, tried design firm and as ive said there is no market for that now, that is the same reason why our company might shut down, the same goes with construction. I have done a lot of projects already, designed and constructed more than 30 residential, some office spaces and even design for 3 buildings so in experience i have that.. but i don't like to persue the same career.. i like a plan B, a new career path that can be my fall back other than architecture, hence the "dont put your eggs in the same basket" gets... maybe I'll post this..thanks for your suggestion anyway..