Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Years Resolution

I will list down 10 New Years Resolution. I am crossing my fingers that I can do it this time.
1. My biggest issue really is my weight, ever since I became I mom I neglected myself and didn't really care how I look, because of that I gained 60lbs in 3 years. So my first goal for this year is to lose weight. I would like to join Think Think Thursdays to keep track of my progress. Hope this will help me, stick to my goal. The Not-So-Blog
2. Next to my weight, my problem would be my temper. I will try my best to be nice and calm this year. I don't like myself anymore because of this, I am always angry.
3. To improve my relationship with God, I tried this year but again failed.
4. Stop procrastination! I am so guilty with this.
5. I already shared that I am happy on how my finances went for this year, but I'd like to improve more on that. I would like to religiously save at least PHP3,000 per payday. I believe this should be easy for me, since I have been paying Php6,000 per pay day on my loan for the last year. I should be able to stick to this. I kept the amount low, so I can give a little of indulgence for myself this year, maybe some shopping money to spare for myself or little J.
6. To take of myself sometimes and go to spa or salon.
7. To spend at least 1hour per weekday with little J alone, without TV or internet, at least 5hours on weekends.
8. To get in touch with my friends at least once a month.
9. To keep away from sweets and salty food. (This will be the hardest one for me)
10. To smile more, sing and just be happy!

Happy New Year to All of You!

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Jes said...

good luck sa mga new years resolution hehehe =) happy new year!!!

Chris said...

happy new year!

Sherry said...

hi architect, this post does not count as you need to do the *required*. resolution, blog post with sponsor links, subscribed my blog via email.