Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Think Thin Thursday #5

OK for this week, I didn't do well. I resumed into eating rice again. I have sick with colds and flu and as a defense mecahnism I ate. I am always feeling dizzy because of the the sickness so I ate. I ate a lot of rice. I also didn't get to fulfill my goal of staying away from the salt.

I think the only thing I am proud of is that I amanged to exercise. I did a 30 min spinning class last Saturday when we checked-in at Dusit Hotel. I also walked my way to JP Rizal office, then walked to BDO bank in Rockwell and walked back to Prit house office yesterday, which is about 20 mins.

1. 1/2 cup of rice in the afternoon and no rice at night.(failed)
2. 10-12 glassese of water.(accomplished)
3. 1 pc of chocolate per day (accomplished)
4. 1 fruit per day (accomplished)
5. new goal 15 mins of threadmill 2x a week. (accomplished) with bonus of Hula Dancing.
6. Lay off the salt.(failed)

I will be reading more of the post in this health blog to learn more from the health fellow. I'd like to learn more ways on how to stay on track with my trying to lose weight goal. For this week, my weight is stagnant on 1*0lbs, I did't lose weight, but at least I didn't gain it back.

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