Monday, January 12, 2009

How fast does your blog load?

Do you get irritated or at least a little impation when a page loads too long. I do, and I don't want my guest to feel the same way. It is the widgets that slows down the loading of your page and you can actually test it right here After testing, you can pin point which loads a lot longer, in my sweet pretty naughty blog its my blog roll that takes a little time to load so im taking it out and put it in my memoryfilled blog instead where i dont expect much visitors.

Here is what my test show, after removing the blogroll,my loading time is now at 8.6 seconds.

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isha said...

nice information..Great gal.By the way i am Isha from india.i found your name in my friend Anand's Blog.Can u please add me in your friends list.if you dont mind.Bye takecare friend.

iceah said...

yeah, this is important to me too, sometimes uploading pics and ads make this impossible to load fast.I make it a point to check my blog once in a while in this c:

by the way I would like to ask for your comment on this please c: