Monday, January 5, 2009

Money Analysis 2009

First, I'd like to set my goal. Since I don't have any debts at all, and I was able to clear all that by the end of 2008, now is the time for me to Save and Save I will.

This are my financial goals for 2009
1. Money for our Disneyland Trip this coming June.
2. Tuition Fee for little J's next school year.
3. Extra Savings

For Disneyland I am counting on my Money Making Online skills, at this moment I have $176 in my paypal, I spent about $140 by shopping online and buying little J the Pink Kitchen set. I am still expecting $60 for this month. Asumming. I'll earn $80 per month from now until June (this is a very conservative estimate for paid blogging earnings) I will be able to have around $636 or Php 28,610 (assuming PHP45=$1). I think that will me more than enough to cover our airfare and shopping. I got 3 free entrance tickets already and 40% discount for the hotel.

2. Tuition Fee = Php 40,000++
I already did my calculations, since Papa is already working in Makati we ride with him going to school and office, meaning zero cost for transportation. That means am saving Php 2,000 per pay day. I am already cleared with my debts for this year, that means additional saving of Php5,000 per pay day. So I am alloting Php 3,000 per pay day to save up for her Tuition Fee. So by June 2009 I will have Php 30,000, and I can give all that as downpayment. That means my monthly payment for little J's school for next year will me Php1,000. Wow!!!! Such a releief. I used to pay Php5,000 a month. haha

3. Extra Savings

By computation, I still have at least Php4,000 per payday extra. All other expesnes such as food, school baon and other expenses already deducted, Woohooo!!!!! I am alloting Php3,000 of that per payday for our Hongkong Shopping money, that means I have Php30,000 shopping money. Haha, of course I will not use all that, I maybe able to even get that from the extra paid blogging money. So if, I am lucky and disciplined with the way I hold on to my money I will save that too. I am alotting the remaing Php1,000 savings for a little R&R.

If I didn't get to spend much in Hong Kong that means, I will have at least Php30,000 in my savings acount by June. After June, my remaining expenses will only be Php1,000 per month for little J's school the rest of the savings will really be for savings, that means Php6,000 per pay day or Php12,000 per month. I really wish I get a hold of myself from spending, by the end of 2009 hopefully I'll have Php102,000 as savings. I am writing this post, so that I have something to go back to, to really be disciplined to save for my financial goals.

If, I can do this, that means, after 2 years I'll have downpayment for my very own condo unit, and enough money to pay for the monthly dues. Oh Lord, please help me, remind myself of my goals. I am really not a spender and I am not so kin about shopping. So, this is my goal and I will visit this always to remind me of it. Hope you guys can support me too.

Woohaoa!!! I am really loving this!!!! Financial Freedom!!!

I am truly blessed!

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Enchie said...

Same here I'm in the process of estimating and making an accounting of our next set expenses for 2009. And being paid to blog really helps :)

earthlingorgeous said...

whoa! thinking out really loud eh hahaha! Hi sis, sensya na ha mejo busy lang this month birthday stuff and seminars and all. I will get back to my blog commitments after this month same as with enchie and abie I haven't sent them their prizes too.

Jes said...

wow!!! buti ka pa....sana ako dn hehehe kahit d n sa opps basta meron sa real estate eheheheh =)

Sherry said...

wow nice plan you have here. so detail :)

oh yeah plurk, I have not join.. not sure how it..