Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How do I look?

Have you seen the show how do I look? Somebody will send them a letter that a friend or a relative of them badly needs a makeover. They will then, surprise this someone about it, the one who wrote the letter together with another friend or relative and a professional stylist will shop for new clothes and suggest a make up and hair cutting techniques I am amazed on how the the stylist do their hair cut. Sometimes I wonder if they learn their skills from an advanced haircutting videos. I am amazed on how they handle the hair and it will come out perfect. I once did a fashion show for Wella, it was very memorable because I was asked to wear a 6inch heals and a 12inch wig. Good thing is that I only had to come out twice. I was so scared because the wig is heavy and I might get off balance. They also put "bangs" on me that the British hairstylist called "fringe". She even said that I looked good with fringed and I should try cutting my hair like it. The stylist that did my hair was world renowed, too bad I was still too clueless about them I should have asked for a picture with them. I wonder if they have hair cutting videos. Too bad, my parents wasnt very supportive of me back then, I was later on forced to stop modelling. I could have been one of the very first Cal Carries Models. I was already being offered a contract back then. It was fun doing ramp, too bad I didn't pursue it. I am still thankful that I got to walk on the same runway that famous models like, Tweety de Leon, Sarah Meier, and even Melanie Marquez did, Francine Prieto too, only back then she was known as Ana Marie Falcon. I can still remember how sarah Meier loked back then, I knew her since she was just 13 or 14. I even did a photoshoot in her house and dressed up in her room. My agent is actually her mom, also a famous model back in the 80's, Ms. Josephine Go more known in the modelling world as Elektrika.
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