Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My mission

I have just posted my Think Thin Thursday entry for this week, I am really on the verge of trying to make myself beautiful again. I've lost my shine when I started to neglect myself, but finally I have over come my deppression if that is the cause why I became 60lbs heavier. I would like to believe that I like to looks beautiful again so that I can feel better about myself. Ever since I became a mom, little J became the world to me, I love her beyond the stars, does making me neglect myself on the process. Almost 4 years has passed, I think it is time to think of myself. I used to be a ramp model and with that I can really say that I looked gorgeaus, but not now. My 36-23-26 figure is now double. In fact I completely forgot to take care of myself that I even got acne and a little varicouse veins, maybe also due to lack of exercise. I used to exercise at least 4 hours a day, being a volleybal player I am obliged to train/exercise from 2pm to 6pm. I also did a regular visit to the gym after college, but sometimes when the priority shifts I tend to worry more on how to raise money and raise my kid. I complete forgot about myself, I really need to do diet now to lose the 60lbs I gained.I am so big that I will not need any breast uplift. I need to exercise, even though I am so lazy to do it, specially now with the cold weather, all I wanted is to lay down in my bed and sleep. But, I really have to start and look in the mirror to finally see who I have become, somebody that I don't want to be.

First step diet, next would be exercise.

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Jes said...

hahah ganyan lng pla technique dyan hehehe pede pla iba title? hmmm =) next time lam ko na hehhe =) na miss ko tong opp n to...ung isa ang nakuha ko =)