Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Part 3- The most romantic date ever!

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He called the hotel and talked to me that night. The cadet in the visitor's hall told him I was there, he asked me if I can come back the next day to see him. Of course I said yes. The next day, I went back to PMA fortunately taxis are allowed inside already, it tuned out Gloria, already president at that time went to PMA the day before the reason for the strict security. So I waited again in the visotr's hall and I finally got to see him at 9am. I didn't tell him anything about the drama the day before, it is not his fault anyway, but I told him that my Bus back to Manila leaves 11am so we only have 1hour to be together. He brought me to the bowling area and asked me to wait there so that he can change his clothes. He always has to wear his uniform when he is in the buildings, visitor's hall included. So I waited for about 15 mins and he is back, now in jogging pants and sweatshirt. He said that's the only clothes they can wear when they are in the "training grounds" (not sure about the term I forgot already). WE went to the back of the PMA, where no outsiders can go, only cadets, so he sneaked me in. He told me that he will bring me in a very nice spot that her heard from the other cadets. We went past the logs, slides and other obstackle course that they use for training he even showed me how to rapel or something can't really remember, he went from 1 point to another hanging from the rope which is 2 storeys high strapped himself like a snake, it almost tore his shirt. Then he went on looking for the perfect spot, I was left there for a while. Then I heard something inside the bushes, it turned out that he almost fall in the ravine but didn't shout for help.. haha muntik ng mahulog sa bangin.. He didn't find the perfect spot, we settled to sit under a very huge old pine tree sorrounded by beautiful wild flowers on top of a clift watching the sunrise. OF course he asked me to stay the whole afternoon which made me miss my bus home. We sat there talking about eachother and our plans for the future. Very sweet just like in the movies.

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Chris said...

haaay... love story kilig!!!


i got an award for you

sweetytots said...

thanks chris haha.. nagreminice lng na nuong unang panahon ay nagka bf ako ni sing gwapo ni jake cuenca.. actually 2 pala sila kse ung 2nd bf na daddy ni jea ay kamuka rin nya.. mas gwapo lng ng konti ung 2nd bf ko.. hay...

Jes said...

ahhhh!!! love it!!!! wala na bang kasunod?? hihihi sarap ng mga kilig memories balik balikan noh? Hay!!! =)