Thursday, January 22, 2009

Recession affecting Filipinos

Recession is really obvious part of life today, Filipinos are now feeling the effects of recession. I for one is one who will be affected, I am in the verge of loosing a job. More and more people are looking for alternative ways to earn money. I hope Multi Channel eCommerce solution. I am willing to try anything to make sure of the stability of my daughter's future. I believe this is common to all mothers who wants the best for their kids.I might need achannel advisor custom store to put up a business. I will be using etsy and ebay to launch my mini business. I should be looking in some ebay store design site for layout and design. I need it to be eye catching so that more buyers will be interested. The channel advisor-custom-store can really help me. As of the moment I posted a few in my store, its is not really a store just a blog of the books I am selling.Soon, I'll put up an ebay store, hopefully I'll earn more here.

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