Thursday, January 15, 2009

We are also going to Macau

I already shared to you my plan of going to Hong Kong for her 4th birthday on June. My parents and Nong-Nang are also coming with us, they said they don't like to go and see Ocean's Park so we are not going there, instead we are going to Macau. I've heard you can go to Macau by just riding a ferry, I would like to see some online casino there. Hopefully, if didn't lose my job, we will really go to Disneyland this June. If not, well I can just plan it again for next year. Little J is still affraid of mascots, even if we convince her that it will be fun to go to see Mickey she is still afraid to see him.

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Enchie said...

enjot your trip!!! ocean park, we have the biggest here. but i think Ocean Park in HK has other attractions.