Friday, January 9, 2009

What would be my answer to WHY?

Since I will be out of work, almost, most probably, or a hint of probability, i really don't know the percentage of probability of me loosing my job, I ask my cousin for a buisness idea, and this is his answer to my email:

Hi JP,

there are tons of creative ways to have business at home. but remember there is still a certain level of personal supervision that is needed to make sure you succeed.

*** is not small, though also not big. before we give you specific advice, we need to determine what business will fit your personal goals, work habits, expertise and interests. in other words, you must first answer WHY you need to do business. the obvious answer is to earn money. but if this is the only reason, then there is an easy reason as well for you to quit when yu see downturns in the business.

my point is, your WHY will fuel your energy, talent and commitment to make the business work. just to share with you, our WHY is: to build a business that will 1. enable us to help other people help themselves especially relatives and 2. to build enough resources to ensure our kids are given a head start when they start their own family. and when we think of these WHY's, we maintain focus on our goals to earn money.

so much for that lecture. lets sit down and see whats on your mind. answer the question WHY and you will know the WHAT and the HOW. That will also determine WHEN you will start and WHO will be responsible for it.

we will also share with you some of the major projects we have in mind and still waiting to be launched.

thats good thinking JP, we're happy for you, and we will definitely help you. see you next week.

kuya pogs

He definitely opened up my mind, a buisness is not something that just pops in your mind and suddenly decide that you want to do it. There is really a deeper reason to it, made me think of my WHY.

I would say that when I became a mom my priority shifted, in fact my whole personality changed. I used to dream of getting rich and being the best architect there is.( I dream big) but now I don't even want that. My why?

To answer my WHY? I think I need to lay down my reasons for living, my dreams and what I want in life. Having little J changed my life, and now all I wanted is to be a good mom to her and my dreams, my decisions in life now is all for that, on how to be a good mom. I realized, providing for her, sending her to good school is not enough. Since I am a single mom, it is double pressure on me to be there for my daughter since I am the only one she has. Earning more money means more time away from her and I don't want that. So why do I want to start a buisness? Since I have saved a little, not much but it is better to start on a little something than not to start at all. I am hoping I can make that little something grow to something that will eventually let me leave employment and have more time with little J. That is my WHY, starting my own buisness will give me a chance to be with my daughter more and actually see her grow and guide her to what I wanted her to be. I am not aiming to be rich, just a plan B, for me to fall back on, sort of a secuity blanket if for some reason I will lose my job in the future or just of of being an architect. My profession is not as lucrative as I thought it would be back in college, and it is not at all easy to make money from it. ALthough my passion for architecture and design is still there, my focus now is to be good mom for little j first and foremost.

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